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The roof of your home is a solid structure that protects the entire house. Without your roof, your house would barely be considered a home. Just like every other aspect of your Hudson Oaks home, your roof needs regular maintenance to maintain its durability.

Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC is a professional Hudson Oaks roofing contractor that provides superior roofing repairs, roofing inspections and roofing replacements. Our professional roofers have been working in the roofing industry since 1986. Our experience combined with need to be the best provides our customers with high quality roofing services.

Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC is the Fort Worth Area's #1 roofing contractor. We believe in providing all of our customers with the best customer service possible. When you hire us as your Hudson Oaks roofing contractor, you will receive award winning roofing services from a smiling face.

Hudson Oaks Roof Repairs

As a professional Hudson Oaks roofing contractor, one of the main services that Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC offers is roof repairs.

Imagine you are lying on top of your roof constantly without a break. You would get sun burnt. You will get hurt from the rain and hail, and heavy winds might even blow you away. This is the exact torment your roof goes through. Because your roof is subjected to this major torture consistently, roofing repairs are needed.

Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC provides Hudson Oaks residents with superior roofing repair services that include shingle replacement, hail damage repairs, leak repairs and more.

Even if you haven't noticed your roof leaking or slumping in, chances are it has still been damaged. If you allow these damages to go untreated, your roof will suffer, and you will end up paying more money for a future roof replacement service. Our professionals at Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC can repair your roof in no time.

Hudson Oaks Roof Inspections

Unfortunately because your roof is located at such a high level, it's not always easy to notice when a roof is in need of repairs. The best way to detect roofing problems before it is too late is through a professional roofing contractor. Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC specializes in roof inspections services.

Our professionals have trained eyes that can scan a variety of different roofing types and notice any malfunctions. While a normal person may not be able to detect a shingle slightly out of place, our professionals know exactly how your roof should look and how it should be functioning.

At Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC, we have a detailed roofing inspection checklist that includes inspecting your roof for even the smallest damages that could potentially lead to leaks, cracks or slumped in roofs. If you haven't had your roof inspected in years, now is the time to call the professionals at Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC.

Hudson Oaks Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is even more challenging than repairing a roof. The average roof can have a lifespan of 30 years if it is properly maintained and repaired. Once those years are up, a roof needs to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to your home.

Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC is a professional Hudson Oaks roofing contractor that provides superior roofing replacement services. Our professionals are highly trained construction workers who can install you a brand new roof for a reasonable price. We can install a variety of different roofs including shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, metal roofs and more.

If your Hudson Oaks home needs a new roof, you will not find another roofing contractor more suitable for the job than Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC.

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