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At Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC, you'll always receive an experienced roofing contractor team right to the front door of your Aledo home. We've been providing our exceptional roofing services since 1986.

We do all types of repairs and installs as we stand behind our roofing services 100%. Don't wait, call the pros today and we'll get a roof on your home that you'll be able to enjoy.

The owner and operator of Lighthouse Residential Roofing, Larry Hinkle, built his roofing company from the ground up as he started as a grunt who worked for two different roofing crews splitting up his wages of five dollars per hour. Since then, Hinkle's roofing company has become the roofing company of choice.

Aledo Roofing Contractor That Actually Cares

At Lighthouse Residential Roofing, we do all types of roofing services from simple repairs to challenging installations. There's no reason why you should call on another roofing contractor as we do it all.

If you need routine roofing maintenance done to your home, then call the experts today at Lighthouse Residential Roofing. We'll make sure that you don't have to shell out a lot of money for repairs. Think of it as a health checkup for your home.

Another service that we offer as the number one roofing contractor in the Aledo area are roof inspections. Let our knowledgeable roofing techs come to your home and inspect your roof, especially after a storm or another violent act of nature

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