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Hail Damage Repairs in Fort Worth

Hail damage repairs

Storms are a major part of the summer in Fort Worth, TX. Heavy storms can bring in heavy damage to your roof. When it does, we here at Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC want to be the ones you call on for hail damage repairs. For almost 30 years, we have been a local leading roofing contractor; cleaning up and repairing roofs after major storm damage. Contact us when you need us. We'll always be there to your rescue.

We understand firsthand, the extent of hail damage repairs a home can suffer; it can be really damaging to your roof. Hail can get up to the size of a golf ball and just think of how much damage a golf ball could do to your home. A roof is only as strong as its owner. If you've ever heard this phrase before, then you need to act now if you appreciate the roof on your home. Your roof should mean a lot to you. If you want yours to be properly functional, then have us do repairs on it before it's too late.

Have You Suffered Hail Damage?

You can check if you need hail damage repairs in three different ways:

  • Damaged Metal - The best and easiest way to search for this type of damage is to check your roof vents. If they are damaged, then more than likely your roof is as well. This will also help indicate the size of the hail.
  • Ridge Cap - Check the ridge cap for damages. All you need to do is set your ladder to the top of your roof and climb until you reach the lip. You can safely survey from there as to how bad the damages really are.
  • Identify the Damages - You'll want to inventory all of the items that were damaged by the hail itself. This will help when the contractor comes out. Fort Worth hail damage repairs can be done by Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC.

Don't think of hail damage as the end of your roof. We're the roofing company that can repair - we're the experts in roof repair. So after a major storm has passed through your area, then let us come out and take a peek at your roof.

After your roof has been affected by a hail storm, one of the first things that you should do is call your insurance company. They can then refer you to a roofing company that can make the necessary repairs.

If you're seeking Fort Worth hail damage repairs, then call the roof repair pros at Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC. Since 1986, we have been the ones that you can always depend on.