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All Texans know how quickly the weather can change here in North Texas, especially those of us who live in Weatherford or the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding areas.

If you have had any reason to believe that your roof may need repair, you should get a roof inspection done as soon as possible.

Roof Inspections in White Settlement

Expert, professional roofing companies, such as we are here at Lighthouse Roofing, will tell you that it is important for you to have your roof inspected after hail storms or other damaging high winded storms. This is true especially if you have overhanging trees or other objects that can cause damage.

  • You will want to ensure that the roofing company you choose is experienced and knowledgeable enough to work with your insurance company from start to finish.
  • The roofing contractor should be able to provide you with a thorough written cost estimate that is within the format required by the insurance company.
  • The roofing contractor should be willing to negotiate the amounts of depreciation calculated for your claim and cost of materials quoted. This is important for funding the project.

Roofing Repairs in White Settlement

How well your roof holds up is dependent not only upon the quality of your roofing materials, but also upon the quality of the workmanship during repair or installation.

Unfortunately, when you hire a roofing contractor, many times you don't know what you will get until the work is done. Potential problems include:

  • Slow work, it took days instead of hours
    • Inexperienced roofers
    • Not enough roofers
    • Workers don't show up on time or not at all
  • Sloppy work
    • Shingles don't align properly or were cut wrong
    • Shingles or other pieces are missing
    • Nail heads are exposed which can cause damage and leaking down the line
    • Caulk or other residue dripped or spilled and not cleaned up
    • Nails, trash and other sharp objects left all over your yard or driveways
    • Chimney flashing or counter-flashing installed incorrectly or not replaced
  • Contractor was uninsured or not licensed
  • Roof leaking
  • Gutters damaged or not replaced
  • Mismatched shingles, wrong color
  • Cheap, poor quality shingles used (possible scam charging client for better quality)
  • Permit or inspection problems

Have you ever had to sit through the nightmare of hearing a POUND-POUND-POUNDING over your head all day? There's no better way to get a headache than to be forced to listen to non-stop pounding and noise when you have your roof replaced. You will want it to be over with as quickly as possible if you are stuck at home during the replacement.

At Lighthouse Residential Roofing, LLC, we have plenty of workmen on our crews who are experienced and qualified to complete your work as quickly and effectively as possible. We don't waste time getting the job done, and that means less time of POUNDING noise to irritate you or a stay at home loved one.

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