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Richland Hills storm damage is a serious concern for homeowners and one that you do not want to leave alone if it does occur to you. Sometimes storm damage to your roof can cause minor or even serious leaks that may bring about costly water damage. If you believe you have recently suffered roof damage you need to get your Richland Hills roof inspected as quickly as possible. You will want to find leaks and any other roofing concerns before they become a more serious and costly issue that could have otherwise been prevented with minor roof repair and maintenance.

When your roof has suffered recent damage, it will need the attention of a roofing contractor. Lighthouse Roofing is available to handle any of your Richland hills repair needs, and will handle your inspection, and replacement needs as well. When you call on one of our experienced contractors you will get top-quality customer service, and they will perform a full assessment of the costs to make certain there are no unexpected surprises. Lighthouse Roofing has all of your Richland Hills roofing needs covered.

Richland Hills Roof Inspections

If its time to buy a new home or you might be looking to sell your current Richland Hills home, you need to get your roof evaluated who knows exactly what to look for. Lighthouse Roofing can take care of any roof inspection jobs that you might need, whether its for your home or business, we will make certain that everything is up to code. We will conduct a thorough inspection, inch-by-inch for any potential leaks, damaged shingles, rust, or damage that might require immediate repair. Our experienced roofers know exactly what should be looked for and will conduct a thorough assessment, as well as a comprehensive list of any repairs that you immediately need or might come about in the foreseeable future.

Richland Hills Hail Damage Repairs

Hail damage is a pervasive form of storm damage that is common in the Richland Hills area. Dangerous hailstorms can pound your roof with golf-ball sized hail, causing significant damage. Lighthouse Roofing has 30 years experience handling this kind of damage and can easily handle any and all of your hail damage repair needs. When a major hailstorm moves through Richland Hills, you need to have Lighthouse Roofing perform an inspection for any damage that might have happened. We will quickly resolve your roofing repair needs, and can make certain that any repairs remain within your budget.

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