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Fort Worth Roof Replacement Warning Signs

Fort worth roof replacement warning signs

It's not something any Fort Worth homeowner wants to deal with or face but at some point the time comes that you need to take care of replacing your roof. The problem is how to tell if that time has come or not. Even if you hire a Fort Worth roofing contractor who claims the time has come, can you really be sure or is this their way to try to earn more money by doing more work than your job actually requires?

Warning Signs & Red Flags

For one thing, you should take the age of your rooftop into consideration. Obviously other factors play a role in whether or not the roof should be replaced, such as ventilation, but for asphalt shingles the standard amount of time a roof lasts is about 20-25 years. So metal roofs last much longer and roofing that has not been cared for won't even last that long, but in general this is a good number to keep in mind because if your roof is in this age range, it is probably time for a roof replacement.

A couple of things you can check on your own without even needing a professional would be checking to see if the insulation is wet or if there is light coming through the roof boards. Both of these are telltale signs that your roof is beyond simple repairs and is in need of major repairs or, most likely, roof replacement. Also, if you are missing shingles this is not something that should be ignored. The longer it is left as is, the more likely the damage will become too extensive.

You can also take a look at the shingle granules; as shingles age these granules begin to become loose and end up in your gutters. If you see missing granules, find them in your gutter or can see your shingles look bear, it may be time to redo the roof. Keep in mind, if you work with a reputable roofing contractor, you should not have to be concerned about the diagnosis they give you being false. Work with our team here at Lighthouse Residential Roofing and you will never have that problem.

Trusted Pros

With 30 years of industry related experience backing up the Lighthouse Residential Roofing name, you can feel confident about the work that we do. We care about the customer and delivering the quality results they deserve. So when it comes to your Forth Worth roof replacement, and other related tasks, give our crew a call. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the quality results you deserve.