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Fort Worth Roof Transition Repair

Fort Worth Roof Transition Repair

We were called to conduct roof repairs on this roof that had been leaking for a bit. The problem area was the transition where an almost flat roof met a sloped roof. This is a notorious area for there to be leaks if the transition is not treated properly. I saw right away that someone else had tried to do a "quick" fix. There was roofing tar applied to several rows of shingles in an effort to stop the water from leaking. Unfortunately all this did was cause a ponding effect on the roof. The water now was dammed at the area where the roofing tar had been applied. If you look at the pictures you can see the lines between the shingles (which are there to create a water flow) are completely gummed with tar. In order to correct the problem I had to tear out that entire section of the roof and start over. I applied ice and water shield to the decking at the transition area. Next I installed 90# roll roofing on the flatter section as well as the transition. I also had to remove several rows of shingles above that to where tar had been applied to ensure that the water lines caused the correct water flow they were designed for.

While DIY repairs can sometimes save money, unique situations like these combined with a lack of knowledge and experience can make a problem worse rather than solving it. Unless you are completely confident you have the tools and knowledge to perform a roof repair yourself, you should consult an experienced roofing contractor to assess your roof upon the first sign of trouble. Getting your roof repairs done early and correctly is the most effective way of saving money in the long run.


Products Used: Certainteed 90#

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